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It is said “that a picture is worth a thousand words” … Learn how one of Kaiser Realty’s own has embraced this and created millions of words of longing, peace, heartbreak, inspiration, laughter but most of all TRUTH.

When the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill occurred, citizens along the Gulf Coast immediately began to wonder how the event would forever change their lives. As it became more and more apparent the oil would indeed reach the sugar white sand beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, city officials began to brainstorm about how to handle the situation to ensure our cleanup process could be expeditious and carried out diligently.

Kaiser Realty, Inc. Director of Sales / Gulf Shores City Councilman, Steve Jones, decided that he needed to do what he could to preserve the integrity of the area as well as provide a service to beach lovers nationwide. Two days after the first remnants began reaching the shores of the Alabama Gulf Coast, in June of 2010, Jones grabbed his camera and set [Read more...]

Since May of 2010, Steve Jones has provided Gulf Coast residents, and all those who have “friended” him on Facebook, daily pictures of how the Gulf Shores beaches are looking. Attempting to showcase the beauty and resilience of the area’s prized landscape, Steve’s photos have become a part of thousands of people’s daily routines across the nation.

We at Kaiser Realty, have the pleasure of enjoying Steve’s company, joyful attitude and talents everyday, as he is our Director of Real Estate Sales. However, for those who have not had the pleasure of meeting Steve, the video below does a fantastic job of highlighting just how special it is to have him within our community.


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For more than a year, Kaiser Realty’s own, Steve Jones has ventured onto the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach every morning and taken pictures of memorable sunrises, beautiful beaches and the occasional “winged” buddy interacting with guests of the area.

We wanted to send a big Thank You to Steve for all that he has done for the area, and for Kaiser Realty over the years; especially since today is his Birthday!

This video was put together to showcase Steve’s amazing dedication over the past year to the daily photo albums and countless hours of hard work he has put in to making sure everyone knows what a a treasure the Alabama Gulf Coast truly is.

We hope you enjoy the video, and once again, Happy Birthday Steve!