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Post Isaac Storm Update – Wednesday, August 29th at 4:30 PM CST

Kaiser Realty, Inc. values our guests, our owners, and their family’s safety. We are happy to report that the worst of storm has passed, yet we are continuing to closely follow the developments relating to Hurricane Isaac as there are still significant winds, rough surf and some flooding in low lying areas. Conditions are fully expected to improve throughout the day.

At today’s press conference, Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft announced that the popular family destination will be open for business in time for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

After several days of wind and rain, Gulf Shores reports no significant damage and looks forward to local restaurants, businesses and other area attractions resuming normal operating conditions as soon as Wednesday evening.

“Double red flags are still flying due to dangerous surf conditions, but Isaac is leaving our community in good shape,” said Craft. “We continue to keep our neighbors to the west in our thoughts and prayers.”

While some secondary roadways will temporarily remain closed due to impassable conditions, Gulf Shores officials report that all major roadways are now open.

“As of 12:00 today, the barricades are removed and most roadways are open,” Craft announced.

Kaiser Realty offices are open and our diligent staff has begun assessing the area and your favorite rental properties to welcome you back for Labor Day Weekend.

We will continue to post the most current information available here at www.KaiserRealty.com as well as on our Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/KaiserRealty to keep you updated.


  1. Ron Phillips says:

    Glad to hear the damage was not to serious. I do appreciate your Isaac updates. I assume Orange Beach is also OK. Looking forward to visiting with you in January. ( Palm Beach Condo B-31.

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