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Jones’ Daily Beach Photos Help to Unite a Community

It is said “that a picture is worth a thousand words” … Learn how one of Kaiser Realty’s own has embraced this and created millions of words of longing, peace, heartbreak, inspiration, laughter but most of all TRUTH.

When the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill occurred, citizens along the Gulf Coast immediately began to wonder how the event would forever change their lives. As it became more and more apparent the oil would indeed reach the sugar white sand beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, city officials began to brainstorm about how to handle the situation to ensure our cleanup process could be expeditious and carried out diligently.

Kaiser Realty, Inc. Director of Sales / Gulf Shores City Councilman, Steve Jones, decided that he needed to do what he could to preserve the integrity of the area as well as provide a service to beach lovers nationwide. Two days after the first remnants began reaching the shores of the Alabama Gulf Coast, in June of 2010, Jones grabbed his camera and set out to begin a journey that would last much longer than he originally anticipated.

With the simple idea in mind to “take pictures of what IS,” Jones did not want the national media to display the only photos and video of how the area’s beaches were being affected. Referring to himself as a “self-appointed ‘watch dog’ for the area,” Jones set out to take a series of photos every morning from the time oil became visible along our shores.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri and moving to Montgomery, Alabama in the early 60s, Jones is a pure example of someone that truly loves and appreciates the area he is now able to call home. Moving to the Gulf Shores area in 1991, Jones began his service to the city of Gulf Shores in 2000 after being elected to his first term as a City Councilman. Having been re-elected twice, Jones has been keeping the area’s best interest in mind for more than a decade.

Beginning his career with Kaiser Realty, Inc. in 2006, Jones quickly moved into his current position as Director of Real Estate Sales the very next year. Jones also makes it a point to always be a brand advocate for Kaiser Realty, Inc., supporting the work they do and the fundraising efforts they are involved in.

When he began taking his daily beach photos, Jones figured “if it [my photos] changes even one family’s mind and encourages them come visit the Gulf Shores area, it would be worth it.” And “worth it,” it has definitely been.

Originally posting his daily beach photos for his, at the time, 240 Facebook friends, the word quickly spread about what Jones was doing for the area, the community, and for his love of the area. Once his photos began to be shared every day to millions collectively through the efforts of countless social media outlets, Jones knew that he was really onto something.

Now boasting upwards of 3,000 Facebook friends, his pictures are reaching more and more perspective fans and visitors of the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach every morning, forming a tribe of loyal Gulf Coast advocates.

“My message is one of tourism and a higher quality of life,” stated Jones. “The spill helped me (and countless others) appreciate what we have right here in our backyards.”

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