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GUEST POST: “Unlimited Play, Unlimited Joy” by Golf Gulf Shores

When we first read this excellent post from our good friends at Golf Gulf Shores, we had that sudden urge to kick off the flip flops, lace up the golf shoes and head out to one of the nine amazing golf courses that we have sprinkled along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

We think that you will agree..

Unlimited Play, Unlimited Joy

 It’s the perfect day to play golf. The morning feels balmy, and soon the sun warms up an unbelievable blue sky and the dew disappears from your favorite course. Hole after hole you enjoy each swing, each putt.

But then it’s time for the 18th hole and you tee off with a bit of sadness. It’s too bad that this amazing day of golf is coming to an end. Or is it?

Spring and summer are ideal times to take advantage of unlimited play in Gulf Shores. When you book a golf package, you can select unlimited play from any of our courses for play on the same course, same day. And if you are booking golf-only tee times, just ask at the course.

Let’s stretch 18 holes to 27 or 36 and squeeze every moment out of that perfect day.

-Golf Gulf Shores

Post originally from Golf Gulf Shores and Can be Viewed HERE.


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