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Kaiser Realty, Inc. Employees Take a “Leap” for the American Cancer Society

Kaiser Realty, Inc. Employees make the "LEAP" for the American Cancer Society!In celebration of the Leap Year and working toward a lofty 2012 “Relay for Life” fundraising goal, Kaiser Realty Inc.’s very own Leonard Kaiser, Paige Burris Chappelle and Ron Stewart will be “leaping” from an airplane onto the Gulf Shores public beach at 4:45p.m. on Saturday, March 3. As a “Leap Year Baby,” Chappelle understands the need for hosting an exciting celebration for a birthday that only occurs once every four years.  She also saw this opportunity as a great way to raise funds for The American Cancer Society.

When asked to join in this monumental event, President and CEO, Leonard Kaiser “leaped” at the opportunity. Just another “dare-devil” stunt to mark off Kaiser’s bucket list, sky-diving has always been a goal of this motorcycle-riding, business owner.

As a way to commemorate the infrequent celebration of her birth, Chappelle knew that leaping hundreds of feet out of an airplane was perfect as soon as her daughter Hope (also taking the leap) suggested it.

Few people realize that there is only a 1-in-1,461 chance of being born on February 29th. In order to give the “Leap” even more meaning, Chappelle and friends are looking to raise at least $1,461, in honor of her father who suffered from pancreatic cancer, to put towards Kaiser Realty, Inc.’s corporate fundraising goal of $5,000 for this year’s American Cancer Society “Relay for Life” event.

The fourth adventurer joining in the fun with Kaiser, Chappelle and her daughter, will be Kaiser Realty, Inc. Sales Agent, Ron Stewart! With a fun and brave crew taking the ‘Leap,” the event is sure to be a hit!

To make donations to the “Leap’s” goal, please visit www.KaiserLINK.us/LEAP or send checks made out to “The American Cancer Society” to Kaiser Realty, Inc. Donations are also being accepted in person at the Sales Window of the Kaiser Realty, Inc. Gulf Shores office, and on the day of the event at The Hangout.



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