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Our friends from Golf Gulf Shores have just released their February Golf Tip:

“Technology has changed many things over the past few years: balls go farther and spin better, clubs are lighter with bigger sweet spots and shoes are a far cry from the old all leather “Goodyear welt construction” models with tungsten spikes.  Technology has also changed the way we get our information.  We live in a world now where we are bombarded by one message after another through many media channels (this newsletter being one of them).  Local media outlets have picked up on the fact that weather is one of the topics that grabs a lot of attention and can drive ratings.  The technology of collecting weather data and forecasting storms and conditions has improved dramatically over the recent year but weather for the most part is still “forecasting”.

The definition of forecasting is “to predict (a future condition or occurrence); calculate in advance.”  This means that with all the technology and computer models the reports of tomorrow’s weather are good guesses, not fact.  Most forecasts are very accurate these days but even if they are correct, the way we perceive the forecast may make us modify our plans in a given day.  How many times have you canceled a round of golf you had booked because the local weather station reported a 100% chance of rain tomorrow?  How many times could you have actually gotten all 18 holes of your round in these times you canceled your round?  A forecast for 100% chance of rain is 100% accurate if the rain comes after 7:00 PM.  A storm can push through a given area in about 45 minutes even if it happens to come right in the middle of the round but clear out with very pleasant conditions right after.  You can still get your full round in with a short delay.

Next time you have a round scheduled and the forecast is for the weather to be sub par, please don’t cancel your tee-time but instead head out to the course and try to play your round regardless of what the weather man may say.  You will likely get your entire round in with no issues.  Remember, it is only a prediction and even the best forecaster is right only a portion of the time.  As many have said, a bad day on the course is better than a good day elsewhere.  What else would you be doing if you cancel your round?  The forecast here this spring in Gulf Shores/Orange beach is to be sunny and warm!  We hope to see you getting in a round here regardless of the forecast.”

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