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At Kaiser Realty, Inc., we are all too familiar with the devastating effects of both natural and man-made disasters. Being located along the Alabama Gulf Coast, we understand how these occurrences can destroy our homes and our hard earned livelihoods. Our thoughts and prayers are with the millions being effected by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeastern part of our great country and extend wishes of a expeditious recovery.

In times like these, outside support is critical to the well being of our fellow countrymen and we encourage those in any position to do so, to donate time, supplies and moneys to secure outlets that are on hand during these tragic times. These organizations are committed to saving lives and helping individuals get back on their feet following a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy.

A few of these resources include:

American Red Cross

The Salvation Army

Feeding America

World Vision

Save the Children

We appreciate your generosity and compassion for those being effected by this disaster, and hold you and your families in our thoughts and prayers.


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