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National naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Fl.Located less than 45-minutes from Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is one of the greatest collections of American History: The National Naval Aviation Museum.  Located within the Pensacola Naval Air Station (NAS), the Aviation Museum is a collection of over 250 aircraft, centuries of military artifacts and one-of-a-kind treasures from our nation’s past.

Upon arrival to the museum, guests are greeted by knowledgeable staff members, the IMAX Theater and of course, a couple of airplanes hanging in the lobby.  For aviation junkies and Average Joes alike, the museum displays information in an easy to understand and family friendly manner sure to keep large groups together and all ages mesmerized.

The main building of the museum is home to early decade’s aircraft including bi-wing contraptions, “flying boats,” and even the world’s first fighter jet! Guests are also introduced [Read more...]