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The Flora-Bama will be hosting their 29th Annual Interstate Mullet Toss April 26th through the 28th.

Mullet Toss? No.. we won’t be tossing middle aged men with bad hair cuts, or no hair cut should I say. We will be tossing a fish called a Mullet. Mullet are populous to the area and are a local delicacy. They are also told to possess mystical powers.

Join hundreds of mullet-tossers as they flock to the beaches to join in on this annual weekend long party. There will be live music and lots of food to go around all weekend long.

Visit www.FloraBama.com for more information and how to enter the Mullet Toss Competition.

Visit www.KaiserRealty.com or give one of our Reservation Specialist a call at 1(800) 225-4853 to book your reservation today!

Warm up your fish throwing arm because the 27th Annual Interstate Mullet Toss at the Flora-Bama Lounge, Package and Oyster Bar is only months away! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, the Mullet Toss is a cherished annual tradition on the Florida/Alabama state line. The event draws a crowd of ”interesting” characters, bringing them together to create a beach party like no other.

The festival offers plenty of activities. The main event, of course, is the Mullet Toss itself. Hundreds of contestants sign up each day to show off their skills and attempt to throw a mullet, that’s right an actual fish, the furthest across the state line. There are also competitions such as a keg-toss and half-keg toss. If tossing things across an imaginary line isn’t your cup of tea, Flora-Bama also holds a volleyball tournament on the beach and provides live music for your entertainment.

This year’s Mullet Toss is scheduled to begin on April 29th and last through May 1st. For Hot Deals and accommodations visit Kaiser Realty’s  Specials and Packages or call 877-405-5587.