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Its that time of the year when seafood, great music, and art come together for a family friendly beach celebration. From October 10th through the 13th, the beautiful Gulf Shores public beach is lined with upwards of 50 local and regional vendors with delicious varieties of coastal cuisine. Boasting 200 vendors with tons of arts and crafts in tow, something is sure to catch the eye of someone in your group! As you check out the arts and try all the wonderful food, your ear can catch the sounds of many wonderful musicians.

With two stages, your are bound to hear something you like. With alternative rock group Everclear, country band BlackJack Billy’s, Motown sounds of the Tip Tops, and the 70s and 80s fun fill group Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monsters to name a few, you are sure to be tapping your foot. Music takes place Thursday through Saturday kicking off at 10:00 a.m. and running until 10:00 p.m. and Sunday until 5:00 p.m.

They are many other activities taking place over the weekend to help put you in the seafood spirit! You are invited to show off your speed and endurance at the annual 5k and 10k race; registration fees are $20 by September 20th and $25 by October 12th. Families can also sign up the for the Sand Sculpture Contest taking place on October 12th.

In addition to he amazing food, music and art features, there will also be an Outdoor World and Shrimp Festival Idol crowed during the event, featuring scholarships being awarded to the top 3 contestants.

With all these fun activities, there is something for everyone in the family at the 42nd Annual National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores!

For more information check out:                                                                                                      http://www.seegulfshores.com/the-annual-national-shrimp-festival-gulf-shores-alabama/

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Having a blast while on summer vacation doesn’t mean you have to wait until the sun begins to set! The good people at Tacky Jacks in Gulf Shores is helping families have some good hearted fun with live music and activities surrounding your lunch hour! Stop by the Gulf Shores locale to share in some ol’ fashion family fun accented by tasty cuisine and cooling beverages.

Visit the Schedule of Events by clicking on the photo below!

Tacky Jack's Lunch Fun

The Wharf FireworksBe sure to check out these great Gulf Shores and Orange Beach locations for outstanding fireworks displays to help you celebrate the 4th of July with a BANG!

Gulf Shores Public Beach will display its fireworks show at 9:00 pm on July 4th.  Bring your radio along and join Sunny 105.7 while they broadcast patriotic music that coincides with the show.

 The Wharf in Orange Beach will have a weekend of fun for your holiday celebration. July 4th the festivities begin at 8:30 PM with Spectra’s patriotic themed show which is followed by fireworks. Stay after the fireworks for Spectra’s water themed show beginning at 10:00 PM. On July 5th enjoy Alabama in concert at the amphitheater bookended by Spectra’s patriotic and water themed shows. July 6th brings back the bang with an  8:30 PM patriotic Spectra show followed by fireworks. Stay after the fireworks for Spectra’s water themed show beginning at 10:00 PM.

This article was written by Captain Johnny Greene of “Intimidator Sportfishing,” and can be viewed in its original format by visiting www.FishOrangeBeach.com.

For those of you who have been waiting for your opportunity to catch and keep some red snapper now is your time.  We have been doing very well over the last very days and the fishing continues to be good as we shift our efforts and focus towards the family style fishing trips.

These trips are suited for families and friends on vacations and are good trips for kids of all ages.  We run two trips a day with the morning trip leaving at 6 am and the afternoon trip departing at 1 pm.  As you can see below the fishing has been good!



For more information on the charter boat “Intimidator” please contact Capt. Johnny Greene.

Article by Capt. Johnny Greene



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The LuluMemorial Day weekend you can look forward to more than just a wonderful weekend on the beach with your family. The sinking of “The Lulu”, a 271-foot retired freighter, will be held over Memorial Day weekend on May 26th.

Festivities will kick off May 24th at Lulu’s at Homeport Marina.  ”The Lulu” will make a special stop by Lulu’s Restaurant to visit before continuing the journey out into The Gulf of Mexico. Anyone is welcome to join in on the sinking day, just hop on your boat and join us at the site, latitude/longitude coordinates: +29° 59′ 50″/-87° 33′ 00″,  where “The Lulu” will be put down.  She will be sunk in about 110 feet of water for marine life to call home and for divers of all kinds to explore.

The actual sinking of the ship will be at high noon on Sunday the 26th. A barge with on-lookers will also have the Wet Willie band on deck to do a free hour long concert for all patrons.

Visit The Reef Marker’s Facebook for any details.

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This post was written by Captain Johnny Greene of Intimidator Sportfishing, and can be viewed in its original format by visiting www.FishOrangeBeach.com.

On this offshore fishing trip we had a very successful plumbing company from Atlanta Georgia on the boat. We departed orange Beach Marina at 6 AM and headed south into the Gulf of Mexico to catch some fresh live bait. Shortly thereafter we headed off shore to our first bottom fishing locations.

20130430-064205.jpgThe first Stop had some big triggerfish and some red snapper, the second spot had some really big triggerfish and a few Vermillion snapper. We then road offshore as lunch was being pulled off the Grill. Our next spot was to try to catch some scamp and more Vermillion snapper. We were very lucky and everyone called some really big scamps and if you really big vermilion snapper.

We then were in search of amberjack, which had not been biting very well with the full moon in effect. However, we did manage to catch everyone some big ones.

From this point we put out some big game lures as Jay and Drew were preparing steaks, salad and Capt. John’s famous boat potatoes.

As we pulled up to her first offshore floating platform just before dark we didn’t see anybody or fish around so we moved on to the second location.

At this location we call to yellowfins very quick manner and then managed to catch some black fins to go along with it. After that I moved on to another location to make one more time before we went to bed for the evening. Upon arrival i noticed some fish jumping in the distance I didn’t take long we were hooked up and caught 4 more big yellowfins to finish up the trip!

Orange Beach fishing article by Johnny Greene of Intimidator Sportfishing.

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This article was originally published by Captain Johnny Greene of Intimidator Sportfishing and can be viewed in its original format by visiting www.FishOrangeBeach.com.

Orange Beach, Al. – On this offshore overnight trip we had some of my good friends and customers from the Baton Rouge/Lafayette Louisiana area. Most of them had fished the overnight charter with us before but a handful of them had never been to the Alabama Gulf Coast. We departed Thursday morning at 6 AM with a moderate North wind blowing. We stopped to catch just a little bit of bait.We left started riding offshore while Drew and Jay were preparing breakfast before first stop.

20130427-045320.jpgWe finished a handful of homemade spots in search of some triggerfish and boy did we catch some. I can’t remember that many big triggerfish in one trip ever before. As we rode further on offshore the water got a little bit deeper and we started catching some scamp which is a very mild great tasting member of the group or family. From one stop to the next scamps seem to get bigger and bigger.

From there we trilled off shore about another 10 miles and pulled up to an offshore production platform and it yielded several big amberjack. From there we moved on offshore in a little bit to the west pulled up on another caught our remaining balance of amberjacks. We put the wahoo troilers back out and headed offshore in search of a yellowfin tuna.

We found pretty water, some baitfish, in a couple of small yellowfin tuna as well as some blackfins right at dark on the first day of our trip. We fished into the night but, I guess the big Full moon had the overnight tuna bite slowed down.
The next morning,we did catch a big yellowfin tuna that weighed about about 80 pounds. At that point, as we were running out of time, we put the wahoo trollers back in the water and ran back up inshore.

We had one real good bite and it pulled a bunch of line and was gone, but it got everyone excited! So we moved on inshore and decided to go check an old area that we had finished in the past. This area produced some of the biggest scamp groupers of the trip and was very heartwarming for me to know that area that must have been decimated by hurricane Ivan and come back and was holding fish again.

We pulled up back at the dock around 3 PM and I think everyone, even myself, was amazed at how many fish we quality fish we had.

-Article by Johnny Greene


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Rick and Bubba return to the Alabama Gulf Coast, April 26th, 2013Rick and Bubba have been friends of the Alabama Gulf Coast for years, hosting one of their nationally syndicated morning shows, live, at a location along our beautiful beaches for the past few years! We are excited to announce that the dynamic radio duo will be hosting their upcoming Gulf Coast episode at Baumhower’s Restaurant at The Wharf, April 26th from 6:00-10:00 a.m.

During the show, all are encouraged to come by, enjoy some delicious Gulf Coast cuisine and catch up on the latest news concerning our beautiful beaches! Representatives from the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism department will be featured on the show, sharing exciting information on what to expect along the Coast for the summer of 2013. The winner of the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism Grand Gulf Getaway will also be announced during the living airing of the morning show.

Baumhower’s Restaurant will be featuring a $7.99 breakfast buffet (with juice, tea and coffee available for an additional charge) from 6:00-9:00 a.m. and will be available for all attendees.

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Everyone loves to catch triggerfish!

This post was originally written and published by Captain Johnny Greene of Intimidator Sportfishing. To view the original post, please visit www.FishOrangeBeach.com.

Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, Alabama - April 6, 2013 - On this half day six-hour charter fishing trip, we had to Castillo family who is in town from Mobile, Alabama.  As it worked out there was three daughters on board for this trip.  It just so happened to be Reagan’s birthday who is the youngest child who I believe had more fun than any six people I know!  We headed offshore some 15 miles per for spot where the fishing was a little slow. Then moved on offshore a little further to the east and fountain triggers, Vermilion snapper, white snapper and one big old hungry shark.


To say that this family love to fish would be a pure understatement. I don’t think any of all missed a single drop at any point during the half-day trip and I really can’t remember a group that had as much fun as they did.  At the conclusion of the trip while Drew was cleaning fish, Reagan would have nothing less than for the Capt. and crew in any bystander to sing happy birthday to her.  It was one of those days with one of those groups that you wish happened every day.  gauging by the amount of fun the three daughters had on the fishing trip I am certain that Melissa and Sean will be back soon!


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LA Gumbo FestApril 11-13th at The Wharf in Orange Beach the inaugural L.A. Gumbo Festival is set to kick off with the unveiling of the world’s largest pot of gumbo!  The festivities will begin on April 11th at 7 pm just before the start of the Kenny Chesney concert at The Wharf Amphitheater.

The L.A. Gumbo Festival got its start when Bob Baumhower teamed with Chef Folse more than a year ago during the 2011 Alabama vs. LSU football game to feed the victims of the tornadoes [Read more...]