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Gulf Shores & Orange Beach were impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. We received significant oil on the beach and in the water in June and July. However, since the well was capped in mid-July, no new oil has flowed into the Gulf and our impact has been minimal. Stormy weather in the Gulf does bring sporadic oil onto the beaches, but to date, that has been easy to clean and does not occur after the storm has passed.

Our beaches are open, swimming is permitted with caution, and fall is a great time to enjoy less crowded beaches, cooler weather and the stunning natural beauty of Alabama’s coast.

  • The Alabama Department of Public Health lifted all swimming advisories in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan on July 30. However, the department warns that there may still be sporadic oil on or near the beaches and discourages individuals from entering the water if there is visible oil present. Click here to read the press release published by the health department.
  • Wind and wave action are the primary factors affecting where remaining emulsified oil appears. Cleaning machines continue to rake the beaches n [Read more...]

Orange Beach, AL is now officially 25 years old, which means it is time for a sea-oats_webparty! The Orange Beach 25th Birthday Block Party and Baldwin County Bicentennial Celebration will be held Saturday, August 29 at the Orange Beach Municipal Complex, located at 4099 Orange Beach Blvd. (Hwy. 161). [Read more...]

The tiny Shell Banks Baptist Church is nestled among oaks and sand near the achuse-2site of the first Indian village in America visited by a white man.  Admiral Moldando, a scout for the explorer De Soto,  sailed into the village known as “Achuse” prior to De Soto himself moving up from Tampa Bay in 1539. The Indian village “Achuse” appears on several historical maps, and the historic marker shown was erected in memory of Charles and Sena Ewing.

(Gulf Shores, AL) The small waterway appears on Civil War-era maps of the
Gulf Coast.  It depends on a small cut-through to the Gulf of Mexico, known as  “Little Lagoon Pass” or locally as just “The Pass,”  for a fresh influx of salt water.  It has plenty of room for sail boats, windsurfing, power boats and jet skis.  Fish, shrimp and crabs call it home.  New condominiums on the south shore give Gulf Shores visitors a waterfront view to compliment the Gulf of Mexico view, while homes that have withstood decades of hurricanes line its shores on the north. [Read more...]

(Fort Morgan,  AL)  True, one reach the white sand beaches of Alabama’s gem cities, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, by turning off I-10 and heading due south.  Why not try shooting an approach from the west for a scenic and safe alternative to asphalt?  The Mobile Bay Ferry runs year-round between the historic Civil War forts that continue as silent guards at the mouth of Mobile Bay:  Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan. [Read more...]

Battle of Mobile BayThe Alabama Gulf Coast is rich in history — Native American, British, French, Spanish and many others have explored, settled and often fought over the coastal waters and fertile fields for generations.  One battle, however, is well-known to even the least interested history student, and usually for a most famous quote: “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!”
Mobile Bay's Sand Island Lighthouse

Mobile Bay's Sand Island Lighthouse

The U.S. Postal Service is honoring Mobile Bay’s Sand Island Lighthouse as one of five Gulf Coast lighthouses in a new commemorative collection to be released during the summer season 2009.   The Gulf Coast lighthouses is the latest in a popular series snapped up by lighthouse fans and stamp collectors alike.  

[Read more...]

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