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Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival is June 19-21

Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival is June 19-21

Don’t think you have to drive west to the desert to see hot air balloons fill the  sky!  Come on down to Foley, AL, June 19-21 for a great festival!   Live music, multiple performances by the Disc-Connected K-9′s Frisbee Dogs and more. If you want to get up in the air yourself, there are balloon “for hire” and free tethered flights daily.  The big beauties soar best in light wind and early morning/early evening is usually the best time to [Read more...]

(Fort Morgan,  AL)  True, one reach the white sand beaches of Alabama’s gem cities, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, by turning off I-10 and heading due south.  Why not try shooting an approach from the west for a scenic and safe alternative to asphalt?  The Mobile Bay Ferry runs year-round between the historic Civil War forts that continue as silent guards at the mouth of Mobile Bay:  Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan. [Read more...]

hugh-s-branyon-backcountry-trail-logo3(Orange Beach, AL)   Hikers, cyclists and nature-loving eco-tourists are flocking to the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail.  Walk or cycle through this fabulous area for a view of back-in-time flora and fauna as the ancient indigenous population viewed it.  Make the same eco-journey and have the modern convenience of rest stations [Read more...]

Battle of Mobile BayThe Alabama Gulf Coast is rich in history — Native American, British, French, Spanish and many others have explored, settled and often fought over the coastal waters and fertile fields for generations.  One battle, however, is well-known to even the least interested history student, and usually for a most famous quote: “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!”