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Catching Gag Grouper on The Intimidator in Orange BeachThis article was written by Captain Johnny Greene, and was originally featured on www.FishOrangeBeach.com. The original version cna be viewed by clicking here.

With the looming closure for gag grouper just six weeks away now is the time to make plans to go get them on a deep sea charter fishing trip . With the recent passing of hurricane Isaac just to the south of the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores areas the grouper have been very active and has made for some great day trips.

During the fall you may also keep Vermillion snapper, amberjack, scamps and king mackerel which will make for a fine box of fish for you and your buddies to enjoy on your fishing trip.

The fall is absolutely my most favorite time of year to fish. The air starts to cool off in the water temperatures remain warm until early December. Come on let’s go fishing!

-Captain Johnny Greene


Interested in booking a half-day, full-day or even overnight charter on the magnificent “Intimidator Sport fishing” Vessel? Visit Captain Johnny Greene’s website www.FishOrangeBeach.com for more information!

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Fishing Report from The Intimidator- August

Orange Beach, Al. – the deep sea fishing continues to be really good! The 4 hour trips are continuing to be good choices for small families on a budget that want to be on a big boat. We have had good catches with king and Spanish mackerel.

The 6 hour fishing trips have been the most popular trips this year with all of the options that are available to us from bottom fishing, to trolling to live bait fishing for mackerel

The full day trips are the best trips if you are really serious about having a great time and catching some fish too. Amberjack season is back open and they are big fish that have to be 30″ long to keep! We can also keep groupers and some types of snapper too.

The offshore overnight trips are the main focus for the savvy customer that just can’t get enough! We are really doing well in those trips with all of the diversity of fish available to us. We have caught yellowfins, blackfins, wahoo, amberjack, and many others too!

We still have some opening for trips in the 2012 season so give us a call to get your dates!

This post was written by Captain Johnny Greene and was originally published at www.FishOrangeBeach.com.

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The original version of this article was written and published by the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Converntion and Visitor’s Bureau. The original copy can be viewed by visiting www.GulfShores.com.

Artificial reef draws diverse marine life to local fishing spot

GULF SHORES AND ORANGE BEACH, ALA. – 7-5-2012 -Sometimes fishing is not all about catching “the big one.” For fishermen like Bob Miller, the fishing experience at the Gulf State Park Pier is just as much about the people and the place.

“I just love it out here – mostly because of all the friendly folks,” said Miller, a Gulf Shores retiree who has been fishing at least four times a week since the pier opened in 2009. “There’s a good group of people who fish out here on a regular basis. I just enjoy being out here and being part of it – plus, catch fish every now and then.”

With a backdrop of white sand beaches and turquoise Gulf Coast waters, faithful locals like Miller and the guests who venture onto the Gulf State Park Pier each day are welcomed into the community that has developed over fish tales and long hours in the Alabama sun.

“I go by ‘Fin Chaser’ on the pier,” Miller said. His friendly demeanor aside, it is obvious that Miller, with a sun-weathered complexion and a cart loaded with fishing gear in tow, is a man you could stop to borrow from his wealth of fishing expertise.

Miller also uses his nickname on the forum gulfshorespierfishing.com. Pier frequenters created the site as place to talk about what is biting, post photos of their latest catch and discuss “anything and everything fishing related.”

“It’s good fishing. We don’t have a boat, so the pier’s the perfect spot,” said Cody Searcy, a Gulf Shores resident who fishes at the pier weekly. Searcy had just helped a fellow fisherman bring in a large stingray over the wood railing of the pier.

“Everyone here tries to help each other out and work with each other,” Searcy said.

As important as the sense of community is to life at the pier, the fishermen will tell you that it would not have developed if the pier were not such a great place to catch fish.

James Coley of Williamson, Ga. spent an afternoon fishing with his 10-year-old son on the pier during their first vacation to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Ala.

“We’ve only been here ten minutes, and there have already been some nice fish that people are bringing in – like this woman over here,” said Coley, chuckling as he pointed to a woman reeling in a fish on a doubled-over pole. “There’s lots of activity happening here on the pier. Looks like it’s pretty productive fishing.”

Anglers’ success fishing on the pier is due in part to the artificial reef system that was placed around the pier shortly before it opened in 2009, said Kevin Anson, Alabama Marine Resources marine biologist and state artificial reef coordinator.

Twelve limestone reef pyramids are located within a 300-foot no-boating zone around the pier. One of the pilings was constructed of material from the old pier that was destroyed during Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

“We saw the benefit of putting some additional material around the pier to create habitat for various species of marine life for those anglers that utilize the pier,” Anson said. “Having the reefs a short distance away provides additional habitat to bring more fish in.”

Along with the stingray that Searcy helped reel in, anglers catch a large variety of marine life. Some of the species that are commonly caught on the pier include king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, cobia, flounder, speckled trout and various snapper varieties. Saltwater fishing licenses and daily permits can be purchased on the pier, and information about seasonal regulations for certain fish are also available.

The heaviest fish Miller has reeled in on the pier was a 28-pound king mackerel. “I think the biggest one caught on the pier was 47 or 48 pounds,” Miller said.

The pier is open 24 hours a day, and at 1,540 feet in length, one of the largest piers in the Gulf of Mexico has plenty of room to accommodate the people who are drawn back daily, as well as the visitors who arrive to experience the pier for the first time.

As the pier manager, Teresa Carlisle takes in every dynamic of pier life. “Fisherman start coming out at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning, and it stays busy until dinnertime,” Carlisle said.

Many of the people on the pier each day have never held a fishing rod before, and Carlisle said she appreciates the way the locals interact with the visitors. “They’ll talk to you and they’re always willing to help. I’ve even seen them teach people how to clean a fish.”

During the summer, a group of young teenagers spends nearly every day at the pier. “We call them our kids,” Carlisle said. “Everyone watches out for them and it’s a safe place for them to be.”

She also said that although fishing is the pier’s main draw, many people come to the pier just to watch the sunset and get a front row seat to see many of the Gulf’s marine species.

“You get people from every walk of life,” Carlisle said. “It’s just a close-knit community.”

More information about Gulf State Park or fishing regulations is available at www.alapark.com/GulfState.


For more information on this release, please contact:

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Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism



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Interested in experiences the charm and lure of the Gulf State Park Pier for yourself? Visit www.KaiserRealty.com to browse through our great selection of Gulf Shores/Orange Beach properties within easy travel distance to the Gulf State Park. Give us a call at (877) 405-5587 to have one of our expert Reservation Professionals assist you in your vacation planning!

This Press-Release was originally posted by the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and can be viewed in its original format by visiting www.GulfShores.com.

NOAA Fisheries Service extends red snapper season in the Gulf of Mexico through July 16

GULF SHORES AND ORANGE BEACH, ALA. – 7/2/2012 - Landing massive red snappers will now be possible for families visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast in mid-July thanks to NOAA Fisheries Service’s extension of the season through July 16. NOAA evaluated the first 26 days of the 2012 recreational red snapper fishing season and determined that extended severe weather, including Tropical Storm Debby, resulted in numerous lost fishing days for the north-central Gulf of Mexico where a substantial portion of this harvest occurs.

“These extra six days are an opportunity for our guests to enjoy one of the world’s best red snapper fisheries,” said Herb Malone, president/CEO of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism (CVB). “Adding to the options for our families is the opening of grouper season on July 1 alongside many other ongoing seasons. Our state boasts the nation’s largest artificial reef program just off our shores, and the smiles of charter boat guests returning to dock show the evidence of our bountiful fishery and the lifelong memories created.”

Echoing similar thoughts, Tom Steber, president of the Orange Beach Fishing Association said that “this extension will help local captains re-coop the June days lost to weather, and they are thrilled to have six more days to show guests how many hungry red snapper are in our Gulf waters. Then, take the freshly caught snapper and other fish to the local restaurants with hook-and-cook menu options and put an exclamation mark on an excellent Orange Beach fishing trip.”

Visit www.orangebeach.com/fishing for local charter and marina listings in addition to a weekly “What’s Biting” blog.

For more information on this announcement, please contact:

Kim Chapman
Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism
251-974-4625 (direct)
251-752-8448 (cell)


Don’t miss out of your opportunity to experience the world-class snapper fishing that the Alabama Gulf Coast has to offer! Visit www.KaiserRealty.com or give us a call at (877) 405-5587 to secure you vacation home or beach condo for a fun filled fishing trip in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach!


Captain Johnny Greene's Intimidator Sportfishing, Gulf Shores & Orange BeachThis post is courtesy of Capt. Johnny Greene, Captain and owner of Intimidator Sportfishing in Orange Beach. The original post can be viewed at www.FishOrangeBeach.com.

Orange Beach, Al. - The deep sea family fishing report on the Intimidator for June 2012 is a good one!  The red snapper fishing has been really good so far this season.  With only a few days to catch them and people in town on vacation it has been a good time.  The weather has been a bit of a challenge but thank goodness for a great big, safe boat as we ride offshore.

The catches have been really good with king and Spanish mackerel on the way out and back in as we transit offshore to the fishing grounds on the half day 6 hour charters.  The kings have been good on the drift-line and [Read more...]

Captain Johnny Greene's Intimidator Sportfishing, Gulf Shores & Orange BeachApril 18, 2012 -  Now that spring break 2012 has come and gone for the gulf coast we are a still fishing and the action continues to be good for those anglers. One good time about this time of year is most all of the crowds have cleared out and of town and the fishermen are being rewarded with great catches for a minimal amount of money.

On the 4 hour charters, we have been catching lots of Spanish Mackerel and a few big king mackerel have started to show up. We have been fishing down to the west, just offshore between Orange Beach and the Gulf Shores pier. The Spanish are great eating fish that are fun to catch especially for the kids. The length of the trip seems to be just right for the kids not to loose interest. The trips we have run this spring many people have decided to keep only what they were going to eat that night for dinner which is a good thing to teach the youngsters on the boat that it is [Read more...]

Head on down to Zeke’s Marina in Orange Beach for the weekend of May4th & 5th as they welcome the Fishin Chix as they kick off their 2012 series with the Pink Rubber Boots Ladies Fishing Rodeo!

For more information on this fishing rodeo, visit www.fishinchix.com or give them a call at (251) 269-2671.

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Originally posted on Capt. Johnny Greene’s website FishOrangeBeach.com

Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, Alabama – January 16, 2012 Alabama deep sea fishing report. On this full day fishing trip on the big 65 foot Intimidator we had the Hilderbrand crew from Indiana onboard.Capt. Johnny Greene's "The Intimidator" - Fish orange Beach

We departed Orange Beach Marina at 6 AM into rather choppy seas and headed south to the bottom fishing grounds. Mr. Hilderbrand and I had discussed the weather for several days leading up to this trip but no one onboard was sick and everyone catching all of the fish.

We caught Vermillion snapper, white snapper, some big triggerfish we then rode further on offshore. Once we got located, the big Amberjacks started to bite and I must admit I had kinda forgot how big and mean the Amberjacks are in the winter. We had a limit of big amberjack’s with some of the 50-75 pound class

Once everyone had the opportunity to battle an Amberjack it was time to start heading in so we pointed the boat toward the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast and made the ride back toward Perdido pass.

Fishing report by Capt. Johnny Greene                                                                                                                                                                     www.FishOrangeBeach.com



Captain Johnny Greene's Intimidator Sportfishing, Gulf Shores & Orange BeachOrange Beach/Gulf Shores, Alabama – deep sea fishing report for the charter-boat Intimidator.

The fishing has been really good when we have had the weather to get offshore. On our last full day Deep sea charter fishing trip it yielded us a limit of big amberjacks from 25 to 50 pounds. We also caught a bunch large vermilion snapper, triggerfish and white snapper.

The king mackerel will typically move in to the larger structures within 20 miles of shore and aggregate in large schools making for some really fun, line-tripping action as is the focus of attention on the half day charters. There has also been some big Triggers in close too.

On the short four hour trolling trips for redfish has been a bit of a disappointment. In the late fall, we normally see large schools of redfish migrating up and down the beach but as of this point, they have not really showed up and a [Read more...]