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Sinking of “The Lulu”

The LuluMemorial Day weekend you can look forward to more than just a wonderful weekend on the beach with your family. The sinking of “The Lulu”, a 271-foot retired freighter, will be held over Memorial Day weekend on May 26th.

Festivities will kick off May 24th at Lulu’s at Homeport Marina.  ”The Lulu” will make a special stop by Lulu’s Restaurant to visit before continuing the journey out into The Gulf of Mexico. Anyone is welcome to join in on the sinking day, just hop on your boat and join us at the site, latitude/longitude coordinates: +29° 59′ 50″/-87° 33′ 00″,  where “The Lulu” will be put down.  She will be sunk in about 110 feet of water for marine life to call home and for divers of all kinds to explore.

The actual sinking of the ship will be at high noon on Sunday the 26th. A barge with on-lookers will also have the Wet Willie band on deck to do a free hour long concert for all patrons.

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