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Kaiser Realty’s Commitment to the Community

Dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of those within their company and the community, Kaiser Realty’s commitment to non-profit organizations has been a major platform for their corporate mission since their inception in 1980. Various fundraising efforts are carried out throughout the year to provide community support and funding for organizations that work every day to increase the quality of live for those in Baldwin County and nationwide.

Kaiser Realty works each year to raise money for the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society through fundraising efforts such as the Alabama Gulf Coast Heart Walk, and their annual Cycling the Coast for a Cure event. These funds raised go directly towards helping fight the difficult battles of heart disease and cancer nationwide.

Kaiser Realty also supports local business endeavors put in place by organizations such as The United Way. Helping to ensure jobs for those within the Baldwin County area, Kaiser Realty is proud to be able to help give back to the community that has supported their business for more than three decades.

Interested in aiding Kaiser Realty in their fight against heart disease and stroke? Visit their Alabama Gulf Coast Heart Walk Page to make a donation and help save lives.



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