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Beach Wedding Requests on the Rise

NordicVillasWeddingJanuary and February have been extremely busy months for wedding inquiries for beach houses and condos to get married on the beach at!  I think a good amount of couples get engaged over the holidays or decide to discuss details with the family at that time said Kaiser Realty’s Group Sales Coordinator, Carey Walter. It is surprising the bride & grooms who would like to have their ceremony/reception at a house and all their family stay in one location.  This allows for everyone to also save a little money by not having a very large wedding and allows for a more intimate setting. Kaiser Realty has plenty of wedding friendly houses to offer along with a number of condos that are perfect for weddings on the beach! 

For infromation on beach wedding properties contact Carey Walters at (251)968-6868 or careys@kaiserrealty.com

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